Summary Draft 1

In the article “Duo turn plastic waste into a concrete idea”, Goy (2016) states that scientists have found an eco-friendly way to recycle plastic waste with the use of carbon nanotubes as an accompaniment to cement, reducing the use of cement. It processes plastic into gases, following which the product can be formed from these gases. Carbon nanotubes are lighter yet stronger. Technology company BlueRen uses a different material which inflict less harm on the environment. However, technology takes time to be implemented and research of the long-term effects of the nanotubes such as maintenance should be looked into. Nanotubes technology helps contribute to a greener environment but with sufficient research, the technology has a bright future.


Subject: Self-Introduction
Dear Instructor,
My name is Jickson Lim, and I am writing to introduce myself to you as a student in your Effective Communication class. Having graduated from Temasek Polytechnic with a diploma in green building & sustainability, I had done internship at fire command centre. I decided to further my studies in Sustainable Infrastructure Engineering (Land) at SIT.
I am interested in a career related to land engineering. I am able to communicate with a small group of friends when doing project. Back in poly days, I had informed my groupmates their roles in the project. Discussing about installing of energy-efficient lighting will help save energy and costs. Telling my groupmates to surf the internet and find the most energy-efficient lighting.
In terms of weaknesses, I am quite afraid speaking in a public. I tend to get nervous when I speak in the stage, couldn’t express well in the presentation. Might feel a shame of what I share in the presentation. When I ge…